Tips to choose a good men’s deodorant

Tips to choose a good men’s deodorant

It is not an unknown fact that the deodorant manufacturing industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry with consumers spending $18 billion on it per year as it has become an essential part of our lives. There are so many brands offering a vast variety of deodorants, and it is quite difficult to choose a good deodorant that works well for you. While a few choices may be a hit, a few can be disastrous. So, before taking the plunge here is a quick account to help you choose the best men deodorant.

Deodorant or antiperspirant?

Most consumers cannot find a good fragrance that works for them simply because they do not know the difference between a deodorant and antiperspirant. A deodorant keeps body odor in check by eliminating bacteria found in sweat. On the other hand, an antiperspirant keeps odor in check by slowing down the sweating process, by stopping the sweat glands and keeping sweat from reaching the skin. So, before you head towards purchasing the best men antiperspirant or deodorant, find out which one actually works for you.

If you are not someone who perspires profusely and sweating is not really an issue for you, then you should avoid using an antiperspirant. Your aim should be to choose the best men deodorant. On the contrary, some people sweat profusely to a point that their shirt in the underarm region is drenched in sweat. This not only leads to bad body odor but also is also quite embarrassing. In such a case the best option is to use the best antiperspirants for men.

Best of both worlds?

The majority of deodorants manufactured today come in combo offers. This means that you have a product which is partially a deodorant and partially an antiperspirant. You might want to stay away from such products if you are looking for just a deodorant. This is because antiperspirants have certain drawbacks. The aluminum content in antiperspirants leave yellow stains on your clothes, and they also lead to excess sweating since the blocking of sweat glands can cause the glands to open up when the product is not in use.

Consider a deo spray

If you are looking for the best men deodorants, then consider the bottled sprays. Sprays dry up quickly, and their effect lasts much longer. Also, due to the stiff competition between brands, deodorants are no longer as expensive as they once used to be. Cheaper variants are available today without a compromise on quality.

Check the ingredients

While looking for the best men deodorant search for deodorants that are not too strong in fragrance. Just like other products such as detergents, soaps, shampoos and perfumes even deodorants have fragrance. This fragrance irritates the skin, even more so if you happen to shave your armpits. The stronger the fragrance in deodorant, the more irritating it shall be to the skin.

A good sign to look out for in your quest for the best men deodorant is low alcohol content. Most deodorants have a high alcohol content to serve as a propellant and antimicrobial agent. This can really dry out and irritate the skin of those men who already have very dry or sensitive skin.

Go natural

There is a huge trend of going natural these days, and the sale of natural products seems to be on a steady rise. It is a good idea to search for good natural deodorants since these contain natural elements and herbs. They are very mild and can be good for the skin texture while eliminating odor effectively. Since natural products do not work for everyone, you will have to try a few out and see for yourself if natural deodorants work for you.

You cannot deny that deodorants are an important aspect of men’s grooming. Choosing the one that suits you does make a huge difference. So, go for the one that is apt for you.

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