Things you should know about probiotic yogurt

Things you should know about probiotic yogurt

Probiotics are nothing but a form of living bacteria that is present inside your intestinal tract. These living bacterias must be included in the diet to maintain a healthy gut. Somehow, probiotics available inside the body works differently than it usually works in making the yogurt.

Probiotic yogurt is prepared using a fermentation process where starter cultures are used to modify the taste. Once this fermentation process is complete, probiotics are formed automatically. These probiotics have a number of health benefits, which restore the balance of the ‘good bacteria’ within the intestines.

Likewise, probiotics help in solving many health issues such as digestive problems. Suppose, if a person is suffering from bloating problems, it is better to increase the probiotic consumption. By doing so, one can get great relief from any gastric problems or discomfort caused by a massive amount of ‘bad bacteria.’ To get better results, one needs to consume more amounts of probiotics every day. There are no exact amounts though, but it depends upon the total strains consumed. Somehow, the rough estimation is to consume a minimum of 1 billion bacteria per day.

Research says that all yogurts may not contain high amounts of probiotics. Thus it is advised to check the labels before buying the yogurts. One of the popular among yogurts that contain a lot of probiotics is the Danone Activia. It is not just smooth, but the yogurt contains over 4 billion probiotics in a single 125 g serve!

Apart from Danone Activia, you can also test Vaalia which consists of two different probiotics as well as 150 million of each in every 150g serve. Likewise, you can get around 600 million probiotics in every 200g pot of yogurt. If you wish to improve the health of your gut, always buy yogurt which is an easy way to get a high volume of probiotics every day that helps in maintaining proper guts. You can consume Yoghurt probiotics during your breakfast by mixing into a smoothie. You will slowly notice the improvement in your overall guts within a week.