Promotional products and how they help your business

Promotional products and how they help your business

Smart shoppers today might love an engaging read that highlights the business or a video that summarizes everything about it. But this does not mean that businesses should stop investing in promotional products altogether. With the traditional forms of advertisement costing a pretty penny, small businesses need to look for techniques that are cost-effective and extremely impactful. Many still prefer promotional products as an alternative to a sensory overload caused by the bombardment of information on digital platforms.

Branded giveaways and promotional seminars still attract customers the same way they used to back in the day. It goes without saying, people are putting lavish efforts to promote a brand or business online, especially on social media. But a custom coffee mug can still generate the same amount of interest for the business. It all depends on the type of product and the promotional strategy you plan to use.

The cost of bulk ordering and customizing a promotional product is something even small businesses can pay to boost their marketing campaign. The best part of this is that your potential customers get to enjoy a few freebies now and then, which they will definitely appreciate.  

Low-cost promotional items for your small business
Not everything that is expensive is necessarily the best choice. Promotional products do not need to be extravagant since everyday items are much handier and appreciated. While things like plaques, or ceramic showpieces look pretty enough, you know you would much rather have a comfortable T-shirt you can lounge around in. It is essential to plan smart, rather than plan big when it comes to promotional items.

What products can be used to promote a business?
Clothes, caps, calendars, writing instruments, desk accessories, USB drives, power banks, bags, and even umbrellas are the top promotional products owned by consumers in the country. There are promotional products that every business could be considering and then there are products that your business must absolutely consider. To ensure that a promotional product piques your target consumer’s interest in the business, it is important to understand the demographic that influences your strategy. While every consumer is different, they all have one thing in common; the excitement they share on receiving a brand-new product. Something that they can use in their day-to-day lives. Products are a much better way of getting the brand name out there as opposed to a digital promotion that merely gives your consumers a gift voucher or discount code that is used once and forgotten about.

Here are some top choices for promotional products available at a fairly negligible production cost for your perusal. These products add immense brand value to your company through indirect advertising.

Personalized magnets
It is a timeless marketing strategy and the baby boomer generation can relate to the nostalgia of fiddling with refrigerator magnets, especially the ones that come in different funky shapes and sizes. Still used extensively throughout households in the country, it is something that catches your attention almost every day in the kitchen. Studies show that consumers recall the names of a brand or a business better with a promotional product. It is a constant reminder that gradually generates interest in the product/brand. A business card magnet customized with all the relevant contact details will increase the reach and spread awareness about the brand. The consumer will be able to use it on a frequent basis with the information right there in front of their eyes. Remember, out of sight is out of mind which is why personalized business card magnets are better than a pop-up advertisement, especially in the case of the product advertised being a household item or the likes of one. Bulk orders for color prints will cost you less than 20 cents per card and this mini-billboard advertisement can help you promote your business easily. Advertising without really advertising is the only way to stand out of the clutter and a product as simple as a refrigerator magnet can help you always be within the notice of your customer.

A pen is mightier than the sword but is it mighty enough to promote your brand? The answer is a resounding yes! Not as an alternative to direct violence; in contrast to the historic adage, but for three specific reasons. The form of stationery is affordable, readily available, and everyone uses them. From signing permission slips in high school to filling a 401K claim after retirement, everyone needs a pen. It is perhaps the most effective and overused marketing gimmick, but it bears results every single time. The pen provides access to valuable advertising space for businesses, one which will remain in sight for a greater part of the day. The more they will look at the logo or your brand name, the better are the chances of your business gaining a new customer. Since a small business cannot allocate a major chunk of their investment in commercial advertising, promotional avenues like gifting and personalized products offer an affordable solution. Tax season is just around the corner and there could not be a better time to bulk order some custom pens and give those freebies away at the local kiosk or your next business seminar. As more and more consumers are becoming tech-savvy, simply presenting them with a ballpoint pen that sports your brand logo will not be enough. Instead, gift them a combo pen, the ones that are both a stylus for the smartphone and an ordinary pen for tackling paperwork.  

Coffee mugs
The motivation that you get from a fresh cup of Joe is something that you just cannot compare to those Monday morning quotes. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to promote the business brand name. To do so, you have to understand the key demographic of your audience and ask the question repeatedly, what will the consumer like? Some people enjoy coffee mugs that feature a motivational quote while others might love a photo mug of their pet. Some might find coffee mugs of vivid shapes and size amusing. Whatever the case may be, you have to understand that a generic marketing copy may not necessarily work with today’s smart consumer. Finding out what works best for the consumer will allow you to personalize products to promote and promote your brand. Custom brand messages and personalizations increase the likelihood of the consumer keeping the product and also using it on a daily basis. Coffee mugs provide you with just the right amount of space and utility that further appeals to potential consumers. Don’t skimp out on quality as it may be perceived as what your business is all about. Keep in mind that the devil is in the detail. You also have the perfect opportunity to motivate your employees with coffee mugs, each with its own personal message. Present the employee of the month with a picture mug that captures that moment of elation on the day you congratulated the employee. He or she will also be reminded of their contribution to the success of the business every single coffee run!

You cannot put a price on gifts, but you certainly can put your brand name/logo on it making the product a wonderful example as a promotional item. Most people think of product promotions as an expensive means of advertising the brand or business. However, this perception is far away from the truth as small businesses simply don’t have the capital to spend extensively on commercial advertisements. Rather, a promotional run offers a cheaper alternative to get the word out about your business in comparison to billboards and commercials. Small businesses are prone to use apparels as one of their primary modes of advertisement. So here is where you need to get creative and come up with a design that not only promotes your business brand effectively but also adds personal value to the underlying message in your company’s slogan or tagline. It is also how mainstream brands enjoy a loyal customer base today and have managed to retain the audience by way of smart promotions, offers, and deals. Check out the posts on social media with people sporting hoodies and full sleeves with the brand name scrawled across in bold. Add a hashtag, a contest, and voila, you’ve got yourself a viral post! Every now and then, a fitness brand is a sponsor partner for events like marathon runs. The runners all then sport the apparel during their run, lending more publicity to the brand. Unknowingly, these participants have already promoted the sponsor brands by posting pictures about the run and tweeting about the outfit.

No seminar is complete without a goody-bag! Often times, people find themselves flocking to a free seminar for a couple of hours. While some go there to learn about a new product or service, others go for the free donuts and coffee. And then there are some who just want to get their hands on the small bag of delightful surprises. For business owners and entrepreneurs, it is the perfect opportunity to label their brand on those bags and ensure that word gets out. Mind you, people are becoming more and more concerned about the environment so a tote bag made out of biodegradable materials will be much better received than a leather product. A beautiful, roomy tote bag is sure to attract eyeballs and one won’t even need to keep telling others where they got it from. Your potential customers are also your loyal brand ambassadors, and this is one tip you must not forget. Your customers will choose to use your promotional product in their day-to-day activities if you simply making an interesting product that stands out of the pack.

Glasses and bottles
Everyday use items like glasses and bottles are another great promotional opportunity for business owners to capitalize on indirect advertising. If you are a fitness brand, then your business will certainly benefit from this type of promotion as fitness enthusiasts always carry a water bottle to the rec center, be it for a morning of intense cardio or peaceful meditation. Smart consumers are also environmentally conscious which is why they will refrain from using one-time-use plastic bottles. Shaker bottles make the perfect branding tool as your business name or logo will be right in front of their eyes for a major part of the day. A cool, vibrant, shaker is sure to get the attention of people. If not direct, it is still a great way to encourage potential customers to talk about in which seminar they got the promotional item and where can their friends get one. Before you know it, attendance at the next big expo or promotional event has doubled in size all thanks to the colorful little logo on the side of the bottle that managed to rouse someone’s interest.

A promotional drive is the best way for your small business to get the word out and give something back to the local community in turn. Yes, not all promotions have to advertise your business. Rather, your business can sponsor a local event or charity drive to enhance positive customer perception about your mission and vision in the long term. Think about how much the neighbors will enjoy a nice BBQ lunch to raise money for a charity of their choice. Why not sponsor the apparels for the local kids’ soccer team? The little ones running around in t-shirts that sport your brand logo and name in bold letters make for adorable photo-ops. A playful yet efficient way to create brand awareness is while promoting and supporting a good cause. The few extra goodwill points won’t hurt as you try to pave the way for your business to get recognized.