How to choose a washing machine

How to choose a washing machine

In today’s world, technology has gone to such level that we don’t even need to worry or get tensed about doing our household works. Some machines and equipment have been invented to help us do our regular household job. One of these beneficial inventions is the invention of the washing machine. It was designed to wash our clothes and laundry.

In the earlier models, it used drums, which were enclosed that had grooves for scrubbing the clothes. The person using it required to rotate the clothes along the sides of the grooves or ridges to remove dirt from the clothes. In the year 1937, the first automatic washing machine was introduced by Bendix Corporation.

Washing machine manufacturers now have the target to reduce cost. In today’s washing machines, the motor speed can be controlled automatically by the user.

Features available in state-of-the-art washing machines include

  • A timer for lagging the start of washing cycle
  • Different programs for different types of clothes
  • Settings for rotation speed
  • Setting variable water temperature along with cold wash
  • Steam cleaning
    Child lock for preventing children from disturbing the settings
  • Indicator for time
  • The wash cycle

Most of the modern washing machines have the capability to heat the water for washing as desired. Washing at higher temperatures consumes a greater amount of energy.

Rinsing is a very useful function in our modern day washing machines. It is used to remove excess detergent from our clothes after main washing. If rinsing is not done properly, detergents that remain in the clothes after washing can cause allergies and many skin-related problems.

The spinning function is used to remove the water from clothes after washing and drying them. Washing machines with higher spin speeds along with tubs of larger diameters allow more removal of water, thereby leading to faster drying of our clothes.

The major battlers “ Front load/Top load

Today’s washing machines are user friendly, convenient, and highly efficient in serving the purpose. While washing machines come with standard features and varied high-end features, the most common variations are the top-load washing machines and the front-load washing machines.

Top loading machines are inexpensive compared to the front-loaders. The top loaders are easy to move, have faster washing cycles, and rinsing is better. However, they tend to use more water and may be a bit harsh on the clothes.

The front-loaders, on the other hand, use less water and are energy-efficient. Also, these models give the user a wide range of washing options and other features. Longer wash cycles and poor rinsing are considered to be the cons of the front-loaders.

Washing machines are a mandatory appliance in every household and before buying one, it is worth considering a few points like –

  • Space availability
  • Size of the machine
  • Availability of water
  • Time taken to wash the clothes
  • Power consumption
  • Price of the machine
  • These pointers will guide you to choose the best machine to cater to your needs.