Enhance the look of your bathroom with pedestal sinks and showerheads

Enhance the look of your bathroom with pedestal sinks and showerheads

When we talk about a bathroom, the two most prominent things that feature in the forefront are sink and shower. Bathroom showerheads are a boon in today’s world where water scarcity is widespread, and laws allow only a limited amount of water to be used. Recently, people have started shelling out great sums of money on refurbishing their bathrooms. While designing the bathroom, an effort is made that all elements are matched with one another for a coordinated look. While new, world-class accessories are being added to the list of bathroom essentials, vintage trends too are making a comeback.

One such trend is the pedestal sink that has once again started ruling the hearts of homeowners or even hotel owners for that matter. These days, people are trying to give the modern restrooms in their house an antique twist. Best-in-class, modular bathroom showerheads are being combined with antique pedestal sinks to get the feel of both contemporary as well as traditional architecture. Since pedestal sinks themselves have a huge structure, they work perfectly with simple bathroom showerheads and minimal accessories. Also, they are commonly found in bathrooms that have limited space like powder rooms.

However, installing pedestal sinks is not as easy as it seems since they come with some issues. They require a strong, sturdy wall that is supposed to support the basin along with the pedestal or stand partially. Also, they lack storage space which may be an essential criterion for consideration in the case of smaller areas. The platform provided is not sufficient enough to keep things as basic as a razor making pedestal sinks inappropriate for everyday use.

Nevertheless, they are better than vanities that take most of the space in the bathroom giving it a cramped look. Pedestal sinks have been redefined to match the modern design of bathroom showerheads while retaining the old world charm. If you are investing in high-quality bathroom showerheads, then it is advisable to compliment them with pedestal sinks that will not be too heavy on the pocket. A mix and match of modern as well as indigenous styles defines

While buying a sink or bathroom shower head, carefully read the details mentioned on the price tag. The listed amount that is marked might be of the sink or bathroom shower head alone and not the entire product including the fittings and fixtures. Also, while fixing bathroom showerheads and pedestal sinks, keep that in mind that different products require different methods of installation, tools, and spares. However, all will require basic water transportation pipes marked separately for hot as well as cold water. The flooring, too, has to be water resistant and all cracks have to be filled with grout to prevent leakage.

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