Advantages of senior cell phones

Advantages of senior cell phones

Senior cell phones have emerged in a cell phone markets and their growing demand is the proof that wireless carriers have specifically designed plans for them. Seniors need communication and what better than a cell phone for seniors which gives them the freedom to use cell phones easily.


Senior cell phones come with their own set of benefits that are hard to ignore. Here are some:

  • Emergencies: Emergency can strike anywhere. Most of the seniors who stay in assisted living or retirement homes are on their own. A cell phone is the only medium through which they are in touch with their near ones. Senior cell phones like Jitterbug come with a special one-touch button feature which enables the senior to report kind of medical, hospital or fire emergency.
  • Connected: Seniors or elders can stay in touch with their grandchildren and other loved ones through social media or video calls if they have access to senior cell phones. Sharing photos and videos is the best way to be connected and the right data plan can make all the difference.
  • Handy: Seniors have difficulty in hearing and seeing. Senior cell phones are a perfect solution and a handyman for them. Cell phones like Jitterbug and the LG Exalt come with a special feature that enables the smartphone to act as a microphone. These phones are hearing aid compatible and have a voice command feature too.
  • Navigation: Senior cell phones can act as excellent navigators. Seniors do need help with the directions. GPS enabled smartphone are great for seniors who love traveling on their own.
  • Cell phone plans: Now that wireless carriers like Verizon have special plans for seniors, they should select the right plan that will work for them. Data plans work well for seniors as they can access social media and apps that will allow them to be in touch with the latest technologies.

Seniors may be technologically challenged but these senior cell phones can make it easy for them to be in touch with everyone through a single button. These senior cell phone plans have made communication and technology accessible as well as easier for them.