A handy checklist before buying a Bosch stainless steel cooktop

A handy checklist before buying a Bosch stainless steel cooktop

If you love a clean, engineered look for your cooktop, the Bosch stainless steel cooktop range is a great choice. The company offers a wide selection of these gas fueled appliances, as well as electric and induction powered cooktops.

They’re designed to provide the best results, optimum performance and efficiency. Bosch stainless steel cooktops are gas-fueled, built from high-grade stainless steel, with cast iron grating and have different configurations. You can get a rectangular or square hob with a four or five burner layout.

Here are some fast facts that are good to keep in mind before you buy:

Sleek, contemporary looks
This is a great choice for a neat, functional and modern kitchen. The almost industrial look of this cooktop appeals to fans of minimalist design.

Ideal for certain types of cuisine
If you enjoy cooking cuisines where you need to do a lot of things simultaneously, the four/five burner layout is perfect. It’s versatile for different sizes of pans, skillets, pots etc. The large middle burner can be used for grilling. However, it doesn’t perform well in high-heat cooking. All burners perform well at lower temperatures. The appliance doesn’t deliver on simultaneous high-temperature cooking.

Can get cramped
This layout is not very accommodating of large stock pots and crock pots. If you use large utensils, you may have to sacrifice adjoining burner-space, as the ones adjacent to your vessel become unusable.

Knob position
Some customers find the knob positioning in the front of some models awkward. Cooking on the front burners could be difficult if you’re using larger utensils because they overlap the knobs. The knobs are arranged in clockwise order, are heavy and are the push-to-turn variety, which is a secure method for operation.

Easy cleaning and maintenance
Solid stainless steel avoids spills, burns, and stains. All your Bosch stainless steel cooktop needs is a quick wipe with a damp cloth and perhaps a mild detergent to remove grease and stubborn stains. Some types of cooking can cause discoloration of burners.

Check your gas connection for compatibility
You may want to install an oven below the cooktop and if your gas connection is not configured suitably, this may be a difficult installation.

Different models
Based on your needs, preferences, budget and space availability, you get a choice of 30 and 36-inch width models with 4 or 5 burners. Some models feature a liquid propane cooktop conversion kit.

Safety features
Some models have an LED light that indicates when the burner is on. This is a great feature for seniors.