A guide to buying mugs at wholesale prices

A guide to buying mugs at wholesale prices

Are you looking to order discount coffee mugs at wholesale prices? Do you also want them to be customized in a certain way? It can all feel like a daunting task. You are probably feeling a little stumped on how to pick the right company/brand, and on how to go about deciding between all the features.

A great way to get discount coffee mugs is through the wholesale option. You can definitely make a large purchase of discount coffee mugs – or you could go to a wholesale outlet and buy a small number of mugs from the outlet itself. These discount coffee mugs retail from as little as 60 cents and go upwards of $1 to $3 per unit.

But if you’re looking to buy a number of discount coffee mugs, then here’s a guide for you.

This is definitely one of the most important considerations for you. This is also the primary reason that you are opting to buy mugs from wholesale, to begin with. When you pay for things such as custom coffee mugs at an outlet, you’re paying for more than the mug – the building, the staff, the sales team etc.

With discount coffee mugs at wholesale stores, this isn’t an issue. Find a company in your local community or area that is run by a family, they will simply charge you the cost of production and a little above that for profit. Another option is to find wholesale directories online and browse through their prices.

Craftsmanship matters, and a lot more so in coffee mugs. Of course, quality is something you don’t want to compromise on to the point that the mug becomes borderline useless due to its fragility. This means it has to be usable in the microwave and dishwasher, while also being comfortable to hold and sturdily built. So how do you check the quality of the mug from any company?

Look at their design process – the production steps that the mug goes through, post-production and how its handled by how many people. The number of quality checks it addresses also matters. How long the company has been doing business can also be a good indicator of their quality.

Look and feel
Of course, you still want your discount coffee mugs to look very good. Although this depends on the logo or customized design or image you provide, it also matters how the mug is shaped and how it sits in one’s hand. Color schemes too should be used in a way that makes the mug look attractive. Play up all of these features, since the company’s sole job is to give you the mug you like based on your specifications.