Looking for an assisted living home? Here are 3 common types of assisted living homes

Looking for an assisted living home? Here are 3 common types of assisted living homes

Assisted living is a residential facility for the elderly, disabled individuals, mentally challenged people, and even those with special needs. It provides basic services such as dressing, bathing, cooking, shopping, paying bills, and taking medications to the residents. However, such facilities are not licensed as skilled nursing facilities are.

An assisted living facility (ALF) or an assisted living residence or is similar to a retirement home; the facilities provided are same, and they cater to the senior population. The main purpose of an assisted living facility is to help seniors live independently in a safe environment.

What is it?
These facilities offer assistance with and supervision over activities of daily living (ADLs) such as three meals a day, housekeeping, and so on. They also do a proper coordination of services from outside health care providers and monitor the residents’ activities to ensure their health, safety, and well-being. Assistance often includes the administration or supervision of medication and personal care services. Depending on the assistance required with the ADLs, the facilities are broadly classified into the following.

  • Type I – Assisted living facility: Apart from providing basic monitoring for 24 hours and 7 days a week, the residents also get a minimum assistance for up to 2 ADLs. Typically, the service plan also includes assistance from a nurse who can help with daily medication.
  • Type II – Assisted living facility: Here, you can get full assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) along with general nursing care from the facility staff.
  • Small Healthcare facility: This one is similar to Type II with the major difference being that there are a lesser number of residents. You get to enjoy a homely environment as it is a licensed home occupied by the owner or operator, and supervised nursing care is provided on a daily basis from a fixed plan of care.

Assisted living facilities aim toward providing a homely environment, making it a suitable place to live in for someone who needs some assistance with everyday life, but does not need intensive care as offered in nursing homes.